Heavenly Hands Natural Health Mini Spa
Nurturing of the mind,body and soul....

Services and Rates

Investing in Massage is an Investment in your Health!!


  • Add $10 for a CBD (Cannabis) infused massage to your session
  •  $10.00 extra for Deep Tissue work 

First Aid: 30min- General localized massage: $30.00

Extra TLC: 45min- Just a little extra time for problematic areas: $45.00

Muscular Relief: 60min- Fullbody massage to help maintain and balance a stress-free lifestyle: $60.00

Intensive Care: 90min- Fullbody massage with more time to focus on targeted treatment for your problematic areas: $90.00

 Hot Stone Massage: Heat is thoroughly comforting to the body. It allows the muscles to relax quicker and become more flexible

60min- $75

 90min- $100

Mommy's To Be: Prenatal focus on the strains of motherhood 



Must be 12-13 weeks before any massage can be done unless a medical note is provided


 Couples Massage:

60min- $120


Hot Stone 60min: $150

Hot Stone 90min: $200


 Spa Treatments

Chinese Facial Massage: Helps get rid of excess oils and dirt from the pores as well as toning and rejuvenating your skin.

We have the Honey Facial or Chocolate & Strawberry Clay Mask

For all skin types:$35.00


Package Deal: Combine any facial massage mask treatment with a 30min,45min,60min or 90min. massage

30min: $55

45min: $70

60min: $85

90min: $115


Reflexology & Iridology

  • Cecilia Russell:  A cert. Reflexologist and cert. Iridologist
  • Wednesday is the only day she is here
  • 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Days and Times Negotiable 

Reflexology: Shows reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to the inner systems of the body, improves nerve and blood supply and helps nature to normalize

30min- $30

45min- $45

60min- $60

Iridology: A study of the eye to see where the body needs nutritional attention (30min. Session only)- $30

  • Parasite testing available upon request

 Aqua - Chi Footbath: Helps to detoxify and energize $25

  • Note: if you are pregnant or nursing, have a pacemaker or have a transplanted organ you should NOT have the Aqua - Chi Footbath.